May 2021

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Premier News
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Premier Campaigns
This quarter, we are running more exciting campaigns where our clients can earn cash rewards for their trades. As a show of our appreciation, Premier clients are eligible to earn higher and better rewards. Some campaigns have already started while others will be launching soon. Check out the Premier campaigns that are available in your region on our campaigns page.
End-of-Year Events
Many Premier clients have told us that they miss our get-togethers. As much as we love to meet our clients in person, the pandemic has made it very challenging. But we've listened to your feedback and have started to plan exclusive events for the end of 2021. Look forward to more details in the coming months.
Premier Video Podcasts
It’s our latest premium feature for Premier clients! Each quarter, we'll share useful trading insights and take clients behind the scenes in Exness to hear from the company's top people. This quarter, we're focusing on key features of different trading instruments. Learn how to make the most of trading a diverse group of symbols, how to choose the risk to reward ratio, about indicators and tactical timeframes, and more. Check out these informative Premier videos.
Consulting Sessions
We have exciting news for you! The consulting sessions that were once available to Signature and Elite clients only is now available to all Premier clients. In the session, you can learn about a specific instrument, have your previous trades analyzed or discuss the best way to use charting tools. If you would like to have private coaching from our experts, request an individual consulting session to be scheduled through the 'Contact Us' form.

Meanwhile, we are working on a new benefit for Signature clients that will allow you to request a personalized report with an analysis of your trading activities.

Exness Global Campaigns

At Exness, we always have global campaigns to highlight our new products, instruments and advantages to new and existing clients. Here’s a round-up of what’s going on right now:

  • Find the Right Fit - How to find the perfect Exness account for your trading style. Get a rundown on all the account features and take a short quiz to discover which one suits you best.
  • Take Aim at Stock Opportunities - Discover the benefits of trading top stocks as CFDs with Exness. See a comparison between TSLA and other leading instruments.
  • Buy & Sell Crypto in Seconds - We offer 5 of the top cryptocurrency coins as CFDs with some of the leading conditions on the market. Learn more about each coin and see which one is right for your next investment.

Product News

Changes have been made in the web Personal Area and mobile app, such as improvements to the support live chat to make it more stable. We're also pleased to announce that pre-market trading for selected stocks is now available for Exness traders.

As for the mobile app, you can now receive margin call notifications on your MT5 account via push notification, even when you're not running the trading terminal. You can also check out what other traders are buying or selling through the Trader Sentiment feature or review your trading activity for the previous week in Weekly Insights.

Still not on the Exness Trader mobile app? Download it here.

Exness Education

Did you know that we have a big education team in Exness that delivers the most relevant and up-to-date trading analysis, webinars and market insights to our Premier clients?

Every quarter, the team produces the Exness Quarterly Outlook as well as weekly market recaps that are sent directly to our Premier clients' inbox. We will be refreshing the weekly market recaps soon to include even more actionable insights.

Exness in the Media

Reuters: Exness market analyst, Michael Stark, spoke to world-leading news provider, Reuters, offering his expert opinion about the trading activities which led to the sharp fall in Middle East markets at the end of March. Choosing the right trading style might not be the easiest thing to do and is usually based on experience. Exness offers its expert opinions on how you can start by exploring the four main types of trading.

Đầu tư Chứng khoán (Vietnamese): A look at how partnership progams can be an added source of revenue for anyone looking to work with a trusted broker like Exness.

Đầu tư Chứng khoán (Vietnamese): The diversified demands of investors are making the financial markets increasingly exciting. Exness responds by creating a diverse range of trading accounts and products to reflect financial and technological international demands.
Quote of the Quarter
“The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary.”
Dr Alexander Elder,
Professional Trader and Bestselling Author